If you care about women’s issues, you’ll like this podcast…

My name is Aisha Salaudeen, and I am a multimedia storyteller based in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m here to tell you all about my podcast – I Like Girls. 

Picture this:

You’re a black woman visiting a museum somewhere in West Africa for the first time in your life. While looking through dozens of carefully crafted artifacts and old pictures, you come across a black and white painting featuring women dressed in traditional African wrappers. In the moment, the women who are adorned in beads look arbitrary. 

You find out later that those women, in their rubber sandals, started a massive revolution in 1929 against the  British colonial administrators in Southeastern Nigeria. Their revolt, the “Aba women’s riot,” lasted months, and is a strong example of early feminist protest against oppression in Nigeria.

What you thought was a random painting has suddenly become a significant part of your history, your story. It is no longer an ordinary image of women in traditional regalia, but the story of your ancestors, women who came before you, fighting for justice. That is the power of storytelling, and that is what the I Like Girls podcast is about.

I Like Girls is a narrative storytelling podcast that documents the experiences of African women all over the world. By curating and sharing a variety of experiences from women, the podcast creates a diverse narrative about what it is like to be an African woman today. It gives perspective about who we are, as well as who we can be in the future. Through the podcast, my team and I showcase the shared pain, culture, trauma and happiness of women across the continent and the diaspora. 

So far, the podcast has two seasons and covers topics impacting women, such as Postpartum depression, medical gaslighting, LGBTQ rights, money management, colourism, entrepreneurship, workplace discrimination, sexual violence and feminism. Through the stories of multiple women from Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan, Gambia, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda etc., I Like Girls has highlighted the shared experiences of women across the continent. 

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Aisha Salaudeen