This podcast is all about answering your questions

Hi there, my name is Aisha Salaudeen; I’m a storyteller and co-founder of Twenty Seven productions. I’d like to tell you about “I Too Sabi,” a new podcast I’m producing. But first, some context about what inspired it. 

Stick with me, please.

Changing careers can be exhausting. I know this because I’ve done it before. 

Before I fully embraced storytelling in December 2017, I was an accountant. I spent many of my days in front of a laptop, holed up in a class-like setting at work, crunching numbers, balancing excel sheets and inputting data. I’m sure there are accountants who love their job, and I’m happy for them, but I found it repetitive and unexciting. In short, it wasn’t for me.

Deciding to quit and become a journalist was easy. Reinventing myself was the hard part. 

You see, I had experience working on the radio. In 2012, while studying for a degree in Business Economics, I joined my University’s radio station as a presenter. My show was on Nigerian pop culture, and it was a hit. A few years later, while studying for a master’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Management, I wrote social commentary for Nigerian newspapers. Once again, my articles were a hit (#backtoback).

But writing articles as a hobby, and vibing on the radio, isn’t the same thing as taking up a full-time job as a storyteller. I came to the painful realization that I didn’t have the skill set required to be a full-time journalist. 

So, I started from scratch – studying the journalists I admired, taking courses in storytelling, reading the type of essays I wanted to write, and, most importantly, asking questions. 

Oh boy, I asked a ton of questions. 

“What writing style should I learn?” 

“How can I become better at interviewing people?” 

“What publications can I freelance for?”

A lot of the skills I picked up while reinventing myself as a storyteller were through asking questions. No matter how uncomfortable, embarrassing or problematic – I never stopped asking questions. It is a skill I still embrace today.

In the questions I asked, I found answers. I found answers about how to be a better reporter. I found answers that brought me my first full-time role. I found answers that led me to write what I consider some of my most impactful work today. Everything I’ve learned and relearned has been because I’ve never been afraid to ask questions, seek answers, and satisfy my curiosity. 

It’s why our latest podcast, “I Too Sabi,” means a lot to me. Much like a lot of my life, it is a show about asking questions and finding answers. The podcast, created by Twenty Seven Productions, responds to all your curious questions and solves your burning everyday issues. From random daily inquiries like “Are ghosts real?” to more personal questions, like “Will I ever find love,” the ”I Too Sabi” podcast will be your partner in finding the answers, however unexpected they might be. We’ve chosen witty, exciting and actually knowledgeable (no shade) hosts,  SwitOpe and Chydee, who will find factual and fun answers, as well as advice for the curious mind. 

It’s a show about learning new things, searching for answers and discovering a world different from what you’re used to. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also listen to the trailer here for context. The first episode drops Wednesday, December 7th, 2022.

I hope the show impacts you with knowledge and gives you the comfort of new and exciting information. I also hope it leaves you wanting to learn more so that you too can flex your new-found wisdom with your friends and proudly say, ‘I Too Sabi.’ 

Happy listening.

Aisha Salaudeen,

Co-founder, Twenty Seven Productions.