Twenty Seven Productions creates audio and visual stories for Africans. We build, produce, distribute, and promote various multimedia work, including podcasts, documentaries, and short films.

Our mission is to make and deliver quality African content (podcasts, film, documentaries and audio stories) that is informative, impactful and entertaining.


If creating a podcast is new to you and you need guidance on getting started, we’ve got you covered. As a company, we’ll help you finetune your concept note, research the best format for your podcast and provide information on how to proceed. Tell us your goals and objectives and we’ll make your journey into the world of podcasting seamless.


Need someone to take your podcast from ideation to execution? Hit us up. Whether it’s planning your content schedule, setting you up with a studio, creating a script, editing your podcast audio or fixing your podcast on different streaming sites, we’ve got you covered. Our team can help you take your podcast from an idea into a full-blown completed audio project.